Can Crane Tipping Accidents Occur With Small Loads?

crane tippingAccidents in the construction industry present ever-present hazards that require all involved to practice constant vigilance. Doing so can go a long way in limiting potential dangers to both operators of equipment and other personnel in a surrounding area. One relatively quiet method of handling such concerns is by having regular crane maintenance performed.

This maintenance can often detect issues that may be building toward much larger dangers, which means that the problem could very well be addressed by having replacement crane parts on hand. Yet accidents can still occur because of the inexperience of the crane operator or simple inattention to a particular situation.

The Tipping Problem

One problem that garners a great deal of attention from outsiders is the issue of crane tipping. That’s because these individuals will see footage of some horrendous accident involving a crane and its failed attempt at lifting a large load. What many people don’t realize is that the weight of the load isn’t always the main determinant in the cause of this type of accident.

In some cases, smaller loads have been the cause of accidents, with poor crane maintenance usually one of the most consistent culprits when it comes time to assessing blame for this seeming oddity.

Parts Issues

For example, a faulty outrigger pad can mean that the crane is performing work on soil that’s unsteady. That’s a recipe that can lead to the equipment tipping over, regardless of the weight being lifted. Those pads can endure plenty of stress and strain during the course of such lifting, so having replacement crane parts such as this on hand can limit down time and keep things safe.

Lack of Attention to Detail

The issue of inexperience isn’t the only problem that can plague a crane operator, with arrogance also serving as a potential danger. This usually stems from someone with plenty of experience who decides to ignore the range diagram. Crane manufacturers will include the diagram so that an operator can clearly see what constitutes a safe load in relation to the length of the boom, which means ignoring such vital information defeats the entire purpose.

Yet the inexperience factor tends to be a much more consistent issue when it comes to accidents. These individuals can often be so focused on certain aspects of their job that they don’t bother to check on other important areas. Some have limited training, which can sometimes miss important facets of knowledge that need to be instilled.

Making Things Easier

While operator experience isn’t something that Craneco Parts & Supply has in stock, we are veterans when it comes to providing replacement crane parts and other material to companies using such equipment. Our vast inventory and knowledgeable staff, coupled with outstanding logistics, can help make crane maintenance that much easier, thereby keeping your crews safe. So make sure to get in touch with us for all your crane part needs.