What to Look for When Buying a Used Crane

used craneWhen it comes to getting the most value from cranes, the purchase of a new one doesn’t always have to be the final decision. That’s because used cranes can be just as effective and come at a discounted price that will look good on a company’s bottom line.

The reluctance of some companies when the time comes to debate the pros and cons of purchasing of preowned cranes stems primarily from both safety issues and the potential for aging parts to break down. After all, everything eventually has to be replaced and finding this out before any investment in such items is an absolute necessity.

How Old is Old?

In some cases, the age of the crane might be cause for concern, since the range of companies to buy crane parts from may be limited. Some of these crane part firms may focus on cranes of more recent vintage, which doesn’t help someone who’s just purchased one that might be more than a decade old.

The Rigors of the Job

Some cranes may not have aged as well as others, simply because of the location where they was used. While ideal weather conditions that span the entire year can extend the value of these items, those that have had to handle projects under more rugged climate conditions tend to wear down much more quickly due to issues such as corrosion.

Other aspects when it comes to used cranes may relate to the type of work that was previously done with it or the skill of any previous operators. The more wear-and-tear a crane has had obviously expedites the lifespan of either the crane parts or the machine itself. For example, major projects that entail frequent heavy lifting inevitably chip away at the quality of the parts involved.

Skill and Safety Factors

Some preowned cranes may have fallen victim to having less-skilled individuals use them, which could have resulted in accidents or the need for more frequent repair. If no such documentation of these events is evident or if compliance with OSHA rules and regulations isn’t taken seriously by the seller, that’s a good time to walk away from any proposed deal.

People in the Know

While budgetary constraints might be in place, a company needs to employ the services of a qualified crane inspector before any purchase takes place. That’s because they know exactly what to look for in determining the value of a crane. Contacting the Crane Certification Association of America (CCCA) should be the place to start.

Some companies may balk at that added expense, but the value of such an investment helps avoid the frustration of finding out after the fact about the substandard condition of your purchase.

The Place That Delivers

Being able to turn back the clock when it comes to used cranes will occur when a company has a trusted source to buy crane parts. That’s where the value of a company like Craneco Parts & Supply shines through, since their vast inventory and knowledgeable staff has the expertise to deliver the right part that can save a company money.

Craneco has been in business since 2003 and has sharpened its logistics to the point where they can deliver its quality parts to virtually anywhere on the planet. That can be vitally important for projects in far-flung locations.

So when the time arrives to buy crane parts for your preowned cranes, the choice should be a quick one by simply choosing Craneco Parts & Supply. Contact us now!