Routine Crane Maintenance Tasks for a Crane Operator

american crane partsThe value of a crane in any number of industries can never be understated due to the versatility it offers and the ability it presents. These help address challenges in places like construction sites and mining operations, but in order to keep the work flowing, regular maintenance needs to be performed by the crane operator.


Dodging a Crisis

Regardless of how effective that maintenance is, there will need to be small stoppages when aging or worn out parts need to be changed. Having replacement crane parts already on hand will help expedite that short delay, since the alternative is to simply shut things down and wait for those parts to arrive.

The different types of cranes available can also present different concerns when those American crane parts are needed. For example, businesses using Link-Belt brand models will have a variety of options, including choosing between all-terrain, pedestal, telescopic and lattice boom cranes. Having a central location to purchase Link-Belt parts helps make life easier.

The Value of Regular Maintenance

One of the most basic reasons for performing maintenance is simply to help maintain the warranty of the crane. Failure to take care of minor issues can end up resulting in major expenses that severely impact a company’s bottom line.

The wire rope and load chain should be given a thorough examination before or after every work day. Besides looking for wear, there should be no kinks, cuts or breaks in the wire rope, while the load chain needs to be free of gouges and cracks, as well absent of any corrosion. In an effort to delay these circumstances, lubricating the rope on a regular basis is strongly recommended.

Hooks should be able to rotate without any noise being heard and the nut should still be locked. A hook that’s bent or twisted could cause trouble, not to mention even slight wear on it. To bolster the safety component, the latches need to be checked.

A call for replacement crane parts connected to the hydraulic system should be made if there’s clear evidence of rivets or bolts coming loose. Beyond that, wedges may have become misshapen, while the pins and guardrails may no longer be of any use. Finally, the clutch and brakes are obvious areas to check, along with mechanisms like the gear box.

Checking the different indicators over their full range will be able to spot the onset of any decline in their quality. Without these simple checks, the ramifications for those using the crane afterward could turn out to be deadly.

Issues could surface if the bottom block assembly has cracks or any structural damage. Perusing the sheave will also be able to determine if problems like a broken flange or a bearing that’s worn out can be seen. Also make sure to inspect the thimble joints and sockets.

Your Comfort Zone

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