Why You Should Choose OEM over Aftermarket Parts for Terex Cranes

terex cranesWhen it comes to market share in the crane business, the name of Terex is no doubt prominent among the brands used. Given that stature within the industry, the value of having Terex crane parts on hand for most companies helps avoid the prospect of costly shutdowns that can have a potentially lethal impact on the bottom line.

To some companies, obtaining parts for Terex cranes may be solely based on economic aspects, with price often being the sole determinant in the final decision. This comes about when those companies have to choose between whether aftermarket or OEM parts will best serve their interests.

The prices for OE crane replacement parts tend to be higher than those in the aftermarket, yet their value offers a level of reassurance that likely can’t be matched. For one reason, the crane manufacturer parts that are available within the aftermarket sector may or may not be at the same level of quality as before.

Questions About Quality

The reason for that uncertainty stems from the fact that OE crane replacement parts are made by Terex, while those in the aftermarket don’t have that same trust. Discovering that the Terex crane parts that have been acquired don’t meet the same standard for quality can be a rude awakening for a company.

Cranes are in daily use around the globe, with some projects taking place in remote locations. In such situations, quality over price becomes an integral aspect in any debate that surfaces over which option to select. That helps to offer additional insight into the wisdom of having OE parts for Terex cranes in the event a replacement becomes necessary.

Given the simple fact that the company name is embossed on those crane manufacturer parts, Terex makes sure that their strong legacy that’s been established over a lengthy period of time is never compromised by substandard parts. Those in the aftermarket may seek to reach that same lofty level, yet the lower prices that they charge are indicative of a greater focus on bringing in revenue as opposed to protecting the reputation of that brand name.

Warranty Concerns

Another important reason why OE over aftermarket Terex parts make the most sense is that the warranty in place for the crane may become an unwelcome source of debate. The legalities involved when using aftermarket parts can be complex and exhausting, not to mention costly if any litigation is required.

The OEM parts themselves will possess a warranty of varying periods, usually, a year, which ensure that should any issues crop up, no additional costs will be incurred. In contrast, aftermarket parts likely have no such protection attached. In short, the easiest way to avoid this type of issue is to simply choose OE parts and gain an increased peace of mind.

The Place to Go For Terex Parts

Craneco Parts & Supply has been offering parts for Terex cranes since we first opened our doors in 2003. Over that span of time, the level of trust that we’ve established in delivering crane manufacturers parts to our customers has seemingly increased with each passing year.

So whether you’re seeking to find a reliable source for Terex crane parts or any OE crane replacement parts, look no further than Craneco. Our experienced personnel has the inventory to quickly fill orders and have the logistics in place to make sure they’re delivered as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you, contact us today.