What Is An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

original equipment manufacturer (OEM)Original Equipment Manufacturers are companies, like Craneco Parts & Supply, that are in the parts business, regardless of what industry they happen to be serving, base their marketing on the supply they sell to customers.

In the world of cranes, the preference when it comes to obtaining replacement crane parts is to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

While the acronym might be easily understood by some businesses, discerning the difference between a company producing aftermarket crane manufacturer parts and OE crane parts can be a mystery to others.

That means some effort needs to be made to explain exactly what an OEM provides to companies and consumers.

Keeping Things Simple

The brands themselves are often large businesses with plenty of activity going on daily. That means that they find it much more advantageous to reduce the layers that separate them from their customers, which is why the OEM market has become much more prominent in recent decades.

One of the easiest reasons that can be offered when doing business with an original equipment manufacturer OEM is that it helps establish a closer relationship. Instead of dealing with that giant corporation, the company producing OE crane parts has been entrusted by the company itself to handle things.

Living Up to Quality Standards

For those whose livelihood depends on cranes working on a consistent basis, having OE crane replacement parts on hand or through a trusted supplier can serve as a security blanket. That’s because there’s an assurance that these particular crane replacement parts are duplicates of the original parts, as opposed to being a reasonable facsimile.

Replacement crane parts from the aftermarket can be inviting because of lower cost, but with those prices comes something of a guessing game. The reason stems from the fact that this particular manufacturer isn’t beholden to the specifications and standards for any OE crane replacement parts. Differences like that can mean a world of difference when it comes to quality.

In contrast, the manufacturer of OE crane parts will usually sell those crane manufacturer parts within a business-to-business context, though that’s not always the case. This helps streamline the process, with the company doing the selling required to maintain exacting quality control because of the potential damage to a brand that can result.

Important Factors to Remember

Selling those OEM parts will also make it easier to deal with pertinent issues like warranties, which can be extremely important given the price of equipment like cranes. Those that are content to sell aftermarket items aren’t beholden to such matters, which means that purchases from these entities could deliver some jarring news when repairs on that equipment need to be made.

Buying With Confidence

Craneco Parts & Supply has been around since 2003 and offers OE replacement crane parts for the following brands:


The OE crane replacement parts that customers will receive from Craneco have the full backing of these brands. We also have knowledgeable staff, a vast inventory and logistical support that sets them apart from their competitors. So when you need crane manufacturer parts that come from a veteran of the OEM market, make sure to contact Craneco.