Why Choose OE Crane Parts over Non-Original Equipment?

oem crane partsThe handling of a crane is something that demands precision, which means that the parts that help make for a smooth running operation need to deliver on a consistent basis.

Inevitably, such parts wear down and need to be replaced, which means finding a company that deals in this area. This is why using OEM crane parts on your crane is so important.

OE Parts are Always a Better Choice

While some companies may see the use of non-original equipment (OE) parts as more economically feasible, that approach could turn out to be disastrous. That’s because a guessing game quickly ensues that relates to just how safe these parts truly are, which could potentially lead to costly litigation down the road.

However, those concerns can be eliminated when OE crane replacement parts become part of the process. Using these OE crane parts guarantees that work in this vital department doesn’t come to an abrupt halt, which can negatively affect both the bottom line and the reputation of a company.

The Case for OEM Crane Parts

What makes the value of original equipment manufactured components, otherwise known as OEM crane parts so clearly evident is that each part that’s delivered is one that’s been crafted based on the original manufacturer’s drawings. That offers a sense of security for the purchaser of such parts and helps extend the lifespan of prohibitively expensive equipment.

In contrast, those that sell the non-original variety (which includes the aftermarket) may or may not adhere to those drawings, a situation that could conceivably put a company’s future on the line. The different negative scenarios that fall under this umbrella are many, with the most drastic being a potential loss of life from users of crane equipment.

Adding to the difference between OEM crane parts and what often times is a sub-standard variety is the fact that the latter will be manufactured with the most current improvements built into it. Those in the non-original areas again may choose to stick to what have become outdated OE crane replacement parts.

OE vs. OEM

In truth, the only real difference between OE crane parts and OEM crane parts is that, in the latter case, the OEM version lacks a company logo, since it isn’t manufactured by the company itself.

Peace of Mind

Given the number of different crane manufacturers, there could conceivably be some trepidation when the time comes to choosing the right supplier for OE crane parts. The fear usually revolves around whether or not a company of this sort has the breadth of inventory to quickly handle an order.

However, a company like Craneco Parts & Supply effectively alleviates such concerns, considering that they have brands available that encompass virtually all the major players in this select market: American Hoist Crane, Galion, Genie Manlift, Grove, Koehring, Link-Belt, Lorain, Manitowoc, P & H, Pettibone and Terex.

Having been around since 2003, Craneco is a company that caters to customers in search of OE crane replacement parts that can deliver immediate results. That approach has resulted in a loyal base of clients that know that when an order is taken, it will be addressed with not only attention to detail, but handled in a professional manner.

When the choice is which company should get your business, the obvious answer is Craneco Parts & Supply. Contact us today.