How Cranes in Construction Helped Build America

construction craneThe use of construction cranes has been an integral part of the development of the United States for nearly 240 years. It has helped grow a fledgling nation into one that’s established itself as the world’s largest economy.

Long Before America

These cranes were actually first used in places like ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, helping build landmarks that still stand to this day. However, rather than focus on construction of legacy buildings, construction cranes in America have helped industry grow with respect to trade and other facets related to their business.

Helping Build a Country

The development of the steam engine played a role in getting factories built that helped provide jobs to settlers. Following that was the steam shovel, which helped build the railroad industry and later made for quicker travel for companies with overseas interests by its role in helping build the Panama Canal.

When the internal combustion engine arrived, it not only helped develop the car and truck industry, but expanded the options available to the crane industry. They were now able to build in more rugged areas, expanding horizons while also making it easier to build within cities.

Evidence of the Value of Construction Cranes

Companies that used nearby waters to ship their products were also now able to speed up the preparation time to ship their products. That’s because prohibitively heavy items could be moved all at once by just a few people.

Another area that flourished in construction could be seen in the rise of huge buildings across the country that housed American businesses. These skyscrapers, led most notably by the Empire State Building that opened in New York City in 1931.

Until the downturn of the past year, oil and gas production has flourished for decades for American-based (as well as international) companies. Offshore oil rigs have been able to extract billions of gallons from areas that would otherwise remain unreachable. That’s had a spinoff effect with companies that purchase the oil for their transportation needs.

Within those commodities, the mining industry has been able to continue growing, thanks to options like all-terrain or rough terrain vehicles that can transport cranes to the operation site.

One litmus test for how well a city is doing actually deals with the presence of cranes amid their skyline. The more construction cranes that are visible, the better the outlook for a city.

A Necessary Offshoot

Throughout this continued development, another segment of business quietly grew in conjunction with the construction crane industry. These companies focused on having construction crane supplies available in order to keep production on schedule.

The relative newcomer status of these dual industries meant that the durability of crane parts or crane supplies that made up the equipment was open to question. Another factor related to the proximity of the company that had construction crane supplies available. A greater focus on developing better logistics when it came to getting crane supplies was needed as the geography of the country evolved.

The Easy Answer

Craneco Parts & Supply has helped supply crane parts to companies since they first began operations in 2003. Since that time, we’ve established a precision-like inventory system for a variety of construction crane supplies. That allows those crane supplies to be sent out to customers almost immediately, with accommodations made for some of the distant locations such construction takes place.

We’re committed to helping America continue to grow, so make sure to contact Craneco when viable crane parts are important to your particular growth.