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Regardless of the age of your crane, waiting for a part that needs to be replaced can be a costly endeavor that can direct the impact of any project that’s being undertaken. In the case of a P&H (Pauling and Harnishfeger) crane, having the flexibility to be able to handle adversity when it comes to either old or new crane models means having a plan of attack that focuses on having a trusted dealer of P&H crane parts.

Covering a Wide Spectrum

The mobile, lattice boom and crawler cranes that P&H manufactures encompass more than 75 different models. The sheer breadth of parts that make up one, multiplied by the final amount of models within that group, can involve thousands of parts. Each of these not only has to be offerings that match the quality of the original P and H crane parts from where they originated, but they simply have to be available to ship.

No Such Thing as a Minor Part

Items as simple as a seat cushion aren’t necessarily items that can shut down a site, but one that needs to be replaced can be an annoyance on a project that’s built on precision and being completed on time and on budget. That means that someone that prides itself on having P&H crane parts can’t blink when asked to fill such an order.

More integral concerns like a limit switch assembly or a hanger anchor tend to be much more vital in such construction-type projects. That means that the staff of the parts dealer has to have the knowledge to properly stock such items and the background in estimating what amount of inventory is required.

Systems in Place

The availability of P and H crane parts are just one facet of what Craneco Parts and Supply offers its customers on a daily basis. We have a system in place that maintains a pulse on what components are required and we make sure to consistently update it to keep our customers’ projects humming.

Some of the customers that Craneco handles place orders that are more complicated, which means that knowing where things stand in regard to the order is important. We make sure to address such concerns by providing such customers with a tracking number that allows them to properly gauge when their items will arrive.

Mapping Out Challenges

In some cases, the location of a particular project virtually demands that Craneco be the parts dealer of choice. That’s because we essentially can cover the globe when it comes to getting P and H crane parts to a customer. These can be on the other side of the world or simply present unique challenges, such as those jobs that are occurring in a place like Antarctica.

A Grasp on What’s Important

Craneco has been in business since 2003, having established itself long ago as a knowledgeable outlet that can handle the job for all types of cranes, including ones that require P&H crane parts. For example, our rigorously trained staff knows the difference between an armature, a sheave, and pinion, three items that our P&H customers order regularly.

Yet the staff doesn’t stop at knowing just the basics because the belief is that our customers are our very best effort. That’s what we try to deliver at Craneco Parts & Supply to every customer on a daily basis.

P&H Crane Parts are available worldwide from Craneco Parts and Supply. P&H Crane Parts are shipped worldwide for both newer P&H crane models and older P&H crane types.

Crane parts available for Pauling and Harnishfeger – P&H mobile cranes, P&H crawler cranes and P&H lattice boom cranes.

Some of the P&H crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below:

155, 218, 250, 300T, 320H, 325TC, 430ATC, 430TC, 435TC, 440TC, 5100, 5150R, 5300R, 535, 545TC,  550, 585BTC, 645, 650, 650ATC, 650TC, 660TC, 670TC, 6250, 6250TC, 790, 790BTC, 790TC, 8100TC, 8115TC, 855BG-3, 890, 9125, 9125TC, 9150TC, 9170TC, C120, C165,CN122, CN122D, CN128, CN165, CN190, CNT280, CNT350, CNT650, CNT750, D85I, Omega15,  Omega 18, omega 20, Omega 25, Omega 40, Omega 50, Omega T300, R-200, S20, S35, S75, T200, T250, T250, T300, T300A, T350, T400, T400XL, T500, T600a, T650, T750,  TC15,WA350, 1015, 1055

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