Crane Parts for All Major Manufacturers

Our reputation for excellence in crane manufacturer knowledge has been built over time by our exceptionally skilled team. We make sure each crane and crane part is not only cost effective and designed to our customer's specifications but exceeds the customer's expectations.

Making sure that mobile and crawler crane replacement parts are sent in the most efficient and cost-friendly way is the mission of Craneco Parts and Supply. It’s something that has been the focal point of the company since our arrival in the market in 2003.
Types of Cranes

The number of crane types that can benefit from crane replacement parts includes those for telescopic trucks, lattice boom trucks and crawlers, those for aerial work platforms and those that needed for either rough or all terrain situations.

These crane part brands go to many of the most prominent names in the business. Companies like Manitowoc, Galion, P & H, Terex, Pettibone, Grove, Koehring, Lorain, and American swear by Craneco when they need such parts delivered as quickly as possible.

We offer OE, quality replacement parts and supplies for the following crane manufacturers*:

*Craneco is not an authorized dealer for all the above manufacturers.
**Craneco is an authorized Koehring, Lorain and P&H dealer.

Industries Served

Craneco focuses its energies on serving four major industries that need to have access to crane part brands that help them get their work done. For example, manufacturers in the fabricating business need cranes throughout the many activities that can be performed under this expansive umbrella.

Shipbuilders need such equipment, given the massive jobs that they undertake, while the construction industry also handles anything from small structures to massive skyscrapers. In the latter case, their work comes to a standstill without the proper replacement parts for their cranes.

Finally, in the petrochemical industry, the need for such parts is especially relevant when it comes to offshore activities. However, everyday necessities also require constant use of such equipment, which means having parts available to fix any issues that crop up along the way.

A Knowledgeable and Professional Staff

The staff that works with each customer has undergone extensive training so that no facet of any order is overlooked. They know what constitutes the best deal and can provide the proper service to make sure that it’s handled in a professional and effective manner.

Ordering Information

There are three different ways to request an order for crane replacement parts. The first is by uploading a completed file to us by e-mail, another is to request a custom quote, also by uploading a file.

In the latter case, this will require the requesting company to provide basic information, along with which crane part brands are needed, the part number and description and the quantity needed. Craneco will also ask if this order is considered an emergency, which can allow them to expedite the request when it’s received.

Finally, customers can contact Craneco directly by phone toll-free at (877) 272-6372, while local companies can call (281) 489-9994.