Crane Parts in Nigeria

As the most populous country on the continent of Africa, Nigeria is a nation in which the economy continues to seek out ways to grow to keep up with its surging population. That means the construction of new buildings or the creation of new areas of infrastructure, efforts that almost always require the use of cranes.

The Value of Replacement Crane Parts

With that flurry of activity has become a daily event, the frequent use of those cranes creates wear-and-tear on that equipment. Since breakdowns can occur because of parts issues, the wisest course of action is to already have replacement crane parts in Nigeria on hand. That can allow for quick replacement and resumption of work.

However, coordinating any crane parts shipping to Nigeria for many companies can bring problems in the area of logistics. The main reason for those issues stems from a lack of understanding on how to move those parts from one area to another in the quickest possible fashion. Many of those companies simply lack the background or know-how to get the job done.

No Problem for Craneco

That’s a statement that can’t be said about Craneco Parts & Supply, since the rigorously-trained staff that’s on hand knows how to quickly find what a company needs. Due to the vast inventory available at their fingertips, the necessary parts are shipped immediately, which gets those replacement crane parts in Nigeria as quickly as possible.

Covering the Major Brands

Those crane parts will usually come from one of the major brands, though Craneco makes sure to not caught flat-footed by having parts from 10 different brands nearby for easy access and shipment. These include American Hoist, Galion, Genie Manlift, Grove, Koehring, Lorain, Manitowoc, P&H and Terex.

Dealing with Major Distances

The aforementioned logistics headaches have also already been addressed by Craneco, meaning that the crane part shipping to Nigeria will be no problem. Given the long distance to reach the country, the stress levels of a company might rise while awaiting arrival. To reduce that concern, companies with large parts orders from Craneco will always receive the estimated date of arrival, a tracking number, and any necessary updates.

Nigeria is a country with countless cities of more than 100,000 people. Craneco makes sure to handle the most populous areas and work out delivery to other areas as well. Those major cities are listed below, with information on others available from Craneco: 

  • Lagos
  • Kano
  • Ibadan
  • Kaduna
  • Port Harcourt
  • Benin City
  • Maiduguri
  • Zaria
  • Aba
  • Jos
  • Ilorin
  • Oyo

Making the Right Decision

Having been in business since 2003, Craneco Parts & Supply knows that money is wasted when available parts are lacking. It can spell disaster when it means not having replacement crane parts in Nigeria available.

That’s why any business or entity whose business depends on the use of cranes in that growing nation has to have a plan in place in regard to crane part shipping to Nigeria. Getting in touch with Craneco today will be the first step toward making sure that such a plan is immediately put into motion. Contact us now.