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Crane Failure Casualties: The Importance of Maintenance and Safety

Yesterday, a man in Oxnard was killed when a crane failed and dropped a slab of concrete. Crane parts can fail when they’ve become old, unmaintained, or are subjected to extreme weather. This is why it’s so important to review the status of your cranes regularly!

If you’re worried about the expenses of maintaining your crane fleet, we’ve compiled some tips on how to save money while making sure your staff is safe. read more

7 Useful Tips to Save Money on Crane Maintenance

crane maintenance

Using a crane in any major project means that a serious undertaking is underway and can’t afford much downtime if any.

That means crane maintenance should be at the forefront of any strategic planning since having either replacement crane parts or replacement crane accessories quickly available expedites solving the problem of any work stoppages caused by equipment issues. read more

5 Crane Parts & Repair Secrets

The importance of having a consistently working crane on a construction project can generally be presented by looking at a company’s bottom line. Breakdowns that occur for any number of reasons can cause delays that cost real money and may damage a firm’s reputation.

That’s why having a greater knowledge of the role of replacement crane parts and the repairs that involve their use is vital to maintaining schedules. read more

Welcome To The New

new crane parts website

Welcome to the new Craneco Parts & Supply website! 

Our new website provides a more customer-focused experience to easily find the replacement crane parts and supplies you’re looking for and request your quote. Check back on our site frequently for updates on crane brands, industries and crane parts in stock.

Here’s a look at the before the new redesign: read more

How Crane Parts are Affected by Hot & Cold Temperatures

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Different geographies and changing weather patterns over the course of a given year resulting in temperature extremes that can make it difficult for some people who work with cranes. That’s because the issue is something that can directly affect crane parts by either causing them to stop working or drastically reduce the lifespan for their usage. read more

Why Choose OE Crane Parts over Non-Original Equipment?

oem crane parts

The handling of a crane is something that demands precision, which means that the parts that help make for a smooth running operation need to deliver on a consistent basis.

Inevitably, such parts wear down and need to be replaced, which means finding a company that deals in this area. This is why using OEM crane parts on your crane is so important. read more

6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Crane Parts

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The work of a crane is something that helps build structures for all aspects of life, which includes such things as office buildings, facilities, and apartment buildings. And, repetitive use of this invaluable asset over a period of years will inevitably force the replacement of key crane parts.

Ideally, obtaining OE crane replacement parts is the path to take when this situation develops. With replacement crane manufacturer parts on hand, a project can remain on schedule and avoid the potential for disaster. To avoid the latter, it helps to be aware of the warning signs that can determine if it might be time to replace the affected crane parts. read more

What Is An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturers are companies, like Craneco Parts & Supply, that are in the parts business, regardless of what industry they happen to be serving, base their marketing on the supply they sell to customers.

In the world of cranes, the preference when it comes to obtaining replacement crane parts is to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. read more

How To Select The Right Type of Crane for The Job


Many building projects don’t get going without having a crane available, yet determining which type is best suited for a particular job is an issue that needs to be addressed. The alternative is to ignore pertinent concerns, a choice that leads to falling victim to surrounding issues that compromise the viability of the crane.

Such mistakes can result in furious efforts to buy crane parts online in order to quickly replace those that are damaged or otherwise no longer working. Ideally, that means obtaining OE crane replacement parts, yet such goals can’t always be guaranteed. read more

Why You Should Choose OEM over Aftermarket Parts for Terex Cranes

terex cranes

When it comes to market share in the crane business, the name of Terex is no doubt prominent among the brands used. Given that stature within the industry, the value of having Terex crane parts on hand for most companies helps avoid the prospect of costly shutdowns that can have a potentially lethal impact on the bottom line.

To some companies, obtaining parts for Terex cranes may be solely based on economic aspects, with price often being the sole determinant in the final decision. This comes about when those companies have to choose between whether aftermarket or OEM parts will best serve their interests. read more