Crane Failure Casualties: The Importance of Maintenance and Safety

Yesterday, a man in Oxnard was killed when a crane failed and dropped a slab of concrete. Crane parts can fail when they’ve become old, unmaintained, or are subjected to extreme weather. This is why it’s so important to review the status of your cranes regularly!

If you’re worried about the expenses of maintaining your crane fleet, we’ve compiled some tips on how to save money while making sure your staff is safe. read more

Strategies for Managing Crane Safety During Construction

crane safety

Many major construction projects require the use of a crane in order to handle tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Given the size of these cranes and the amount of weight that they’re tasked with carrying, addressing some factors related to safety prior to the start of that project is important.

These strategic initiatives will help make sure that the construction company handling this particular job is properly protected from financial disaster that results from inattention to some pertinent detail. read more