Manitowoc 3900

The Manitowoc 3900 was first developed in the mid-1960s and was discontinued in the late 1990s. This lattice boom crawler crane has a 100-ton lift capacity.

Manitowoc 3900 Features Overview

Crane Boom

60-Foot-Long Lattice Boom

The crane is conventionally fitted with 60 feet of 9A lattice boom and can accommodate boom inserts for a total boom length of up to 210 feet. This lattice boom provides strength with minimal weight. As a result, the Manitowoc 3900 has a high lift capacity to weight ratio.

Fixed Lattice Jib

A fixed lattice jib can be added to extend the boom length. The jib comes in 30, 40, 50, and 60-foot lengths. However, be aware that using the jib to extend the boom can reduce the lifting capacity by as much as 2.2 tons.

Transport Mechanism

Powered by a Cummins NTA855 Diesel Engine

The Manitowoc 3900 has a top travel speed of 1.45 miles per hour.

Extendable Crawlers

The crawler tracks are 20 feet 4 inches long and may be either 38 inches or 48 inches wide. These tracks allow the Manitowoc 3900 to navigate grades up to 30%. However, the manufacturer recommends the crane be operated only when located on level ground.

This crawler crane can maneuver into position under its own power and is suited for jobs where there is not enough room to carry a crane into position on a trailer. However, the tracks are not suitable for driving over the roadways. Therefore, a trailer will be needed to transport the crane over large distances, before unloading the crane to move into its final position.

Power Delivery

Variable Independent Control (Vicon) Option

This variation provided separate and independent torque converters so that power from the engine could be delivered independently to the winch hoisting drums by the front torque converters and swing and travel mechanisms by the rear torque converters.

Side-by-Side Tandem Winch Hoists

The main drum has a diameter of 19 inches and the whip line drum is 21 inches in diameter. The Manitowoc 3900 uses a one-inch wire rope to lift. The front torque converters allow the crane to lift, hold, and lower loads with step-less, continuously variable torque output.

Boom Hoist

The boom hoist is powered separately from the winches, swing mechanism, and tracks. Specifically, the crane includes a hydraulic motor with variable displacement to deliver power to a dual-drum boom hoist.


The Manitowoc 3900 has a fully enclosed cab for the operator. Standard options include tinted windshields and a door with soundproof insulation between the operator and machinery. Options include a heater and air circulation fan.

Operator controls include combined throttle and clutch controls for the tracks, hoist drums, boom hoist, and swing machinery.

Manitowoc 3900 in Use Today

Although the Manitowoc 3900 has not been produced for nearly 20 years, they remain in service to this day. In fact, with care and maintenance, cranes from the 1960s and 1970s can still contribute to job sites.

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