Manitowoc 3900W

The Manitowoc 3900W was in production from the late 1960s to the early 2000s when it was discontinued. This lattice boom crawler crane has a 140-ton lift capacity.

Manitowoc 3900W Features Overview

Crane Boom

60-Foot-Long Lattice Boom

Additional boom inserts could be added to extend the boom up to 250 feet. The boom was formed from 9A lattice that optimized both strength and weight. While the lift capacity with a 60-foot boom was 140 tons, this dropped to 22 tons at the maximum boom length of 250 feet.

Fixed Lattice Jib

Jibs are available in 30, 40, 50, and 60-foot lengths. Depending on the length and construction of the jib, the jib reduces the lift capacity anywhere from 1.25 to 2.2 tons.

Crawler Transport

Available with Five Different Engines

The standard option is a Cummins NTA855-C310 diesel engine. However, the crawler crane was also produced with Caterpillar 3406 DIT, Caterpillar 3406 PCTA, Cummins NTA855-C360, and a massive 12-cylinder Detroit Diesel 12V-71N.

The maximum travel speed of the Manitowoc 3900W is 1.45 miles per hour.

Extendable Crawlers

The crawler tracks are 48 inches wide and 24 feet long. When retracted, the crawlers provide a base of 17 feet 2 inches wide. When extended, the crawlers expand the Manitowoc 3900W base to 19 feet 8 inches wide. This additional 2.5 feet provides additional stability when lifting.

The Manitowoc 3900W was designed to traverse up to 30% grades. However, the crawler crane was designed to be operated on flat ground.

Although the tracks could damage roads, they are suitable to transport the crane from a trailer to its work location on a job site. Once the Manitowoc 3900W reaches its location, the crawlers can be extended, stabilizing the crane.

Power Delivery

The Manitowoc 3900W includes a proprietary variable independent control (Vicon) system. This system divides power from the engine at the transmission into three independent systems:

  • Front torque converter – powers the hoist winches
  • Rear torque converter – powers the swing mechanism and the crawlers
  • Hydraulic pump – powers the boom hoist

Each of these systems operates independently and the Vicon system engages the engine at low torque, reducing clutch wear.


The Manitowoc 3900W has a machinery cab to fully enclose the upperwork machinery. This protects the machinery and provides sound insulation.

The operator cab is fully enclosed and includes an overhead window for boom visibility. The controls include a combined clutch/converter lever that allows the operator to control the engagement and speed of the swing, crawlers, and hoist.

Repair and Maintenance of Manitowoc 3900W

Like the Manitowoc 3900, the Manitowoc 3900W has not been produced since early 2000. However, keeping these crawler cranes well maintained can help them last a long time. By repairing and maintaining your Manitowoc 3900W, you could have an asset for your business for decades.

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