Manitowoc 4000W Crane Parts

The Manitowoc 4000W was in production from 1966 to 2007, which was when it was discontinued. This lattice boom crawler crane can lift up to 260 tons.

Manitowoc 4000W Features and Overview

Crane Boom

140-Foot-Long Lattice Boom

The boom was built from the 22A lattice, which is made of tubular lacings and all-welded inverted-angle chords. This gives it a maximum length of 140 feet. Additional boom inserts could be added to extend the boom up to 180 feet.

Fixed Lattice Jib

The Manitowoc 4000W has two 30-foot lattice jib attachments with a maximum capacity of 15 tons. Keep in mind that the crane’s jibs and booms can extend further with the use of bearing sheaves.

Transport Mechanism 

The Manitowoc 4000W has a powerful Cummins NS743B320 6-cylinder 290HP diesel engine. Its fuel tank can hold up to 210 gallons for top-notch performance and long working hours. The engine also features a three-step torque converter and power transmission control that runs all machinery parts. The power and speed outputs are regulated by the foot/hand throttle.

Power Delivery

Tandem Winch Hoists

Both the main drum and whip line have free-fall capability. The main drum is on the right with about 19 inches in diameter and a maximum capacity of 823’ on a 1-1/8” wire rope. The whip line is on the left and has a diameter of about 21 inches with a maximum capacity of 514’ on the same rope.

Variable Independent Control (VICON) Option

The VICON power transmission produces independent power through two torque converters. One converter controls the swing and travel machinery while the other controls the boom hoist and load hoist machinery. This enables the VICON to lower load on both hoist drums using a step-less shifting torque output from the hoist torque converter.

Boom Hoist

The 4000W arrives with a boom hoist that contains dual boom hoist drums, a clutch shaft, an auxiliary brake, worm gear, and a brake. It also features an overhaul ball swivel hook with a capacity of up to 15 tons and a hook block that can haul up to 150 tons.

Operator Cab

The Manitowoc 4000W features a fully enclosed operator’s cab positioned in the right-front corner of its deck. The operator cab also has a tinted safety glass all through.

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