Manitowoc 4100W Crane Parts

The Manitowoc 4100W is one of the most popular cranes ever built by The Manitowoc Company, Inc. Model 4100W was first produced in 1968 and stopped production in the mid-1990s with about 1,000 units made. This model has a lifting capacity of 200 tons. 

Manitowoc 4100W Overview and Features

Crane Boom

70-Foot-Long Lattice Boom

The lattice boom features a 30-foot inner section and a 40-foot outer section (total of 70-foot-long lattice boom) consisting of tubular lacing and angle chord boom sections. These sections measure about 95-inch by 95-inch at the pin connection points. The lattice boom also has 8-inch wide crawler track pads.

Fixed Lattice Jib

This is used to extend the boom’s length. The jib has a maximum capacity of 20 tons. Keep in mind that extending the boom’s length reduces the lifting capacity by up to 2.2 tons.

Transport Mechanism

The Manitowoc 4100W is powered by a Cummins NTA855 diesel engine for the ultimate power and speed. It has a top speed of about 1.45 miles per hour.

Power Delivery

Side-by-Side Tandem Winch Hoists

The front drum is about 19 inches in diameter with a capacity of 1505’ using a 1.125-inch wire rope. The secondary rear drum is 27.625 inches in diameter and has a capacity of 745’ with a 1.125-inch wire rope. With a standard lift crane arrangement, both drums are 37.35 inches wide and have a free-fall capability.

Variable Independent Control (VICON) Option

The VICON power transmission provides optimal power to the travel and swing functions through a double torque converter system. Additionally, the VICON’s power load lowering capability on the hoist drums allows for efficient load lowering, holding, or raising through a step-less variable torque output by the hoist torque converter.

Boom Hoist

The crane features an independent, hydrostatic dual-drum boom hoist for steady, optimal power when hauling. It also has a hook block that can haul up to 150 tons and an overhaul ball swivel hook with a capacity of up to 15 tons.

What’s more, the counterweight package has two 30,000 pounds car body counterweights for maximum stability and two 12,000 pounds cheek counterweights for upper works.

Operator Cab

The Manitowoc 4100W’s operator cab is positioned in the front right corner of its deck. It comes equipped with an insulated door to block out noise from the deck. The cab also has a tinted safety glass to protect the operator from flying debris.

Inside the cab, you’ll find graduated air controls for swing, travel, hydraulic hoist, and drum clutches. There’s also the throttle and clutch controls for swing, travel, and drum clutches.

Manitowoc 4100W Crane Parts at Craneco Parts & Supply, Inc.

While the production of the 4100W stopped a few decades ago, we have OEM replacement crane parts for this model. Don’t let your project stop or slow down because of a manufacturing crane.

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