Replacement Crane Parts for Manitowoc M50W

The Manitowoc M50W was in production from 1989 to the early 2000s, when it was discontinued. The crane has a lifting capacity of up to 60 tons. While production has stopped, you can still find replacement crane parts for Manitowoc M50W from trusted suppliers like Craneco. 

Manitowoc M50W Features Overview

Crane Boom

Lattice Boom

The 180-foot-long lattice boom is rear-mounted and consists of tubular lacing and angle chord boom sections. Its 52.5 inches steel rotating bed is mounted with anti-friction pads to counter the load’s weight. What’s more, its independent two-drum boom hoist features a fixed-displacement hydraulic motor that provides a boom elevation range of 0-82 degrees.

Fixed Lattice Jib

The Manitowoc M50W has jibs that extend the lattice boom’s length. The jibs are available in 30-, 40-, 50-, and 60-foot lengths and can be offset at 0°, 15°, or 30°.

Crawler Transport

The Manitowoc M50W is powered by a 210HP Cummins 6 CT 8.3 diesel engine that provides independent power for all machine operations. Its multi-hydraulic-pump transmission offers enough power and speed suitable for all terrains and hauling projects.

Power Delivery

Side-by-Side Tandem Winch Hoists

Both the main drum and whip line have free-fall capability. Its two full-width drums are 18-inches wide and 16.5-inches in diameter and mounted on a separate shaft, driven independently by a fixed displacement hydraulic motor.

Variable Independent Control Option (VICON) 

The VICON power transmission produces independent power through two torque converters. One converter controls the swing and travel machinery while the other controls the boom hoist and load hoist machinery. This enables the VICON to lower load on both hoist drums using a step-less shifting torque output from the hoist torque converter.

Boom Hoist

The Manitowoc M50W arrives with a rear-mounted boom hoist that contains two-drum equipped with a ratchet and pawl. Its modulating electric-over-hydraulic controls enable unlimited function speed response directly proportional to the control movement. 

Operator Cab

The Manitowoc M50W’s cab is fully enclosed and includes large safety glass windows on all sides and roof for optimal visibility. Its floor is covered with rubber mats to absorb vibrations when the crane moves. The sliding door is made of steel and is positioned on the left side of the operator. Additionally, the cab has extra features such as a space heater, electric signal horn, air circulation fan, and dome light.

Replacement Crane Parts for Manitowoc M50W at Craneco Parts & Supply

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