Replacement Crane Parts for Manitowoc M65W

The Manitowoc M65W is one of the most famous lift cranes built by the Manitowoc crane group. It stopped production in the late 1990s, but replacement crane parts for Manitowoc M65W are still available. 

Manitowoc M65W Features Overview

Crane Boom 

Main Boom

The crane has a lifting capacity of up to 75 tons with a main boom length of 150 feet. This crane comes with top-of-the-line design, technology, and hydraulics for executing a range of heavy-duty tasks.

Independent Crane Boom Hoist 

The boom host drum shaft is independently driven by a variable displacement hydraulic motor attached to a planetary reducer and internal brake. Additionally, it’s equipped with pawl and ratchet.

Crawler Transport 

Front Idler Roller

The front idler roller is double-flanged with an 838mm diameter. It’s mounted on a stationary shaft supported by a crawler frame on both ends. The roller revolves on sealed bearings for minimal maintenance.

Turntable Bearing

The turntable bearing is 5.4 feet in diameter, offering a single-row ball bearing circle for swing. Moreover, a ring gear containing induction-hardened and machine-cut teeth is part of the inner race. 

Crawler Assemblies

The M65W has two 22 feet long reinforced steel, each supporting a front idler roller, tread, 12 intermediate rollers, hydraulic drive motor, and a crawler tumbler. Each crawler is powered independently by a variable-displacement hydraulic. The crawlers offer a counter-rotation capability. The crawlers hydraulically extend and retract to 16.7 feet and 11.5 feet, respectively.

Power Delivery 


The Manitowoc M65W features a Cummins 6 CT 8.3 diesel engine, which provides independent power for the entire machine operations through the hydraulic-pump transmission. Additionally, it features a radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, engine block heater, and fan. 

Rotating Bed

The M65W has a deep-section, steel fabrication, and single-piece rotating bed that supports the entire upperworks component. The rotating table bed is mounted on a 5.4 feet diameter turntable bearing.

Drum Shafts

The drum shafts consist of two full-width drums that are provided for whip line and hoist. Each drum is 457mm wide and 419mm diameter. The drums shafts are driven independently by a high torque, fixed displacement, and radial motor. What’s more, the gears are enclosed and hardened

Power Plant Assembly

The welded steel frame supports the radiator, fuel tank, hydraulic reservoir, engine, and hydraulic pumps. It has a modular design that allows the removal of the entire assembly when servicing.

Operator’s Cab

The M65W includes a fully-enclosed steel module place on the left front corner of the rotating bed. The module features large safety glass windows and a sliding door. Moreover, it also contains a dome light, fan, cab space heater, electric signal horn, and a windshield wiper.

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