Replacement Crane Parts for Manitowoc M80W

The Manitowoc M80W is a lifting crawler crane built by Manitowoc Cranes. It started production in the late 1980s and lasted for about a decade before it was discontinued. Nonetheless, you can still find replacement crane parts for Manitowoc M80W.

With a lifting capacity of 80 tons, this crane is technologically advanced to enhance load charts, simplify project erections, and improve transport around the construction site.

Manitowoc M80W Features Overview

Crane Boom

Lattice Boom

The crane is fitted with a 180 feet long lattice boom. This lattice boom includes 19 feet butt; 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet inserts; and 21 feet open throat top that is welded with tubular chords and lacings.

This lattice boom also has a gantry mounted to the rotating bed by pins. What’s more, the gantry is raised and lowered by a boom rigging for counterweight installation and removal.

Lattice Jib

The lattice jib is 30 feet with an offset angle adjustable to 0°, 10°, and 20°. It can also be extended to 40ft, 50ft, and 60ft. However, adding the jib to the boom length can alter the lifting capacity by reducing it by about 2.2 tons.

Crawler Transport Mechanism


The Manitowoc M80W is powered by a Cummins CTA 8.3L diesel engine with a variable travel speed of 1.0mph.

Extendable Crawlers

The Manitowoc M80W crawler assembly is made up of a front Idler roller, 12 Intermediate rollers, a crawler tumbler, a hydraulic drive motor, and crawler treads. The crawler is made of abrasion-resistant steel to protect the crane from dents during construction.

Additionally, the crawler treads are 30 inches wide, with 49 pads per crawler assembly. Each pad is connected by two high-carbon steel pins. But these treads can damage the road, so the crawler needs to be transported by trailer to the job site. Once it reaches the construction location, adjust the crawler to the crane.

Power Delivery

The Manitowoc M80W is a VICON (Variable Independent Control) powered lifting crane. The diesel-driven engine and the hydrostatic system work independently since each has its pump and motor.  

The pump and motor provide hydraulically-powered rotation upwards and downwards to hoist and lower the load with less power for better control.

Operator Cab  

The Manitowoc M80W has an enclosed cab for the operated. It’s fitted with a sliding door on the left and glass windows on the right that offers a wide-angle view for visibility. The cab has rubber cushions to make it soundproof and curb the vibrations. 

Other features include a heater, circulating fan, windshield wiper, and operator controls.

Operator controls consist of swing machinery, travel controls for the tracks, hoist drums, and boom hoist.

Replacement Crane Parts for Manitowoc M80W Available at Craneco

Since the 90s, the Manitowoc M80W has not been produced. But, this doesn’t mean your construction project should stop due to worn-out crane parts. At Craneco Parts & Supply, we offer quality replacement parts for Manitowoc M80W and others.

Contact us today for Manitowoc M80W parts for your crane.