Replacement Crane Parts for P&H Omega 15

All P&H rough terrain cranes (including P&H Omega 15) are no longer in production and now part of Terex’s legacy brands. Instead of buying a brand-new crane, you can purchase replacement crane parts for P&H Omega 15 from reputable suppliers like Craneco Parts & Supply.

P&H Omega 15 Features and Overview

Crane Boom

Main Boom

All boom sections of the Omega 15 come with a full-depth rectangular multi-plate construction with adjustable slider pads on the bottom, top, and sides. The powered sections are all controlled by a single lever. The boom points feature three load non-metallic sheaves and one idler.

Lattice Boom

This is a 22-feet swing-around lattice boom with a single non-metallic sheave used to extend the boom’s reach. It’s installed at the ground level by pivoting it on the boom base.

Lattice Jib

This is a 15-feet underslung frame section with a single non-metallic point sheave. The jib is offsetable up to 30°.

Transport Mechanism


Omega 15 Deutz Model F6L9112 6-cylinder diesel engine. This powerful engine can produce up to 112 HP at 2500 rpm, making it suitable for all terrains you may come across.


The power shift comes with a 12.75-inch torque converter with 6-speed equal for both forward and reverse. The gear shift is electrically controlled and pneumatically operated. 

Boom Hoist

The boom hoist is hydraulically powered and features a holding valve. 

Operators Cab 

Interior Construction 

This all-weather cab comes with hinged ceiling windows, a sliding door, and large windows to offer an unobstructed view of all directions. The four-way operator’s seat has torsion suspension for optimal stability. The whole cab is cushioned-mounted to dampen the vibration and noise when the crane is running. 

Cab Accessories 

Some of the main cab accessories include a heater, electric windshield washer and wiper, vandal-proof glass, defroster fan, drum rotation indicators for all winches, and power plant gauge panel. 


In front of the operator seat, there are foot pedals for the boom hoist, service brakes, engine throttle, and swing brake. On the left of the main steering wheel are dual-purpose levers for the swing and telescope. On the right, you’ll find the house lock and floor-mounted levers for the swing brake. 

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