Replacement Crane Parts for Terex RT780 

The Terex RT780 was first produced in 2007 and is still in production to date. It has an 80-ton maximum lifting capacity and is equipped with high-level electronics and hydraulics for unmatched productivity and ease-of-use. 

If your crane is broken down, you can find all replacement crane parts for the Terex RT780 to keep your work going. 

Features and Overview of Terex RT780

Crane Boom

Boom Head

The boom head has an auxiliary winch that’s welded on its outer section by five load sheaves to help support a 12-ton hook and 250-pound ball. 

Main Boom

The 126-foot-long main boom has four sections. Each section has a robust multi-plate design fused with friction-resistant pads to help counter the load’s weight. Additionally, the Terex RT780 has a full-power synchronized system with a telescoping boom and rotation resistant wire rope on both drums to retract and extend the tip section to 183 feet.

Additionally, each boom hoisting cylinder provides a boom elevation range of -4 to 78 degrees.


The Terex RT780 has a 33-57 feet side stowing swing-on single lattice jib with five metallic sheaves installed on the antifriction bearings. The jib is offsettable at 0°, 15°, or 30° with a maximum tip height of 190 ft. It’s also important to remember that extending the boom’s length reduces the lifting capacity by up to 3200 lbs.

Transport Mechanism

The Terex RT780 is powered by a 260 HP Cummins QSB6.7L diesel engine and a 6-speed power transmission shift – making it extremely adaptable, strong, and suitable for a wide range of jobs.

Power Delivery

The Terex RT780 features a hydrostatic power steering, dual-axis controls, and 4x4x4 power-shift transmission with an integral torque converter that provides six-speeds forward and six-speeds reverse. This crane also features a turbo-charger and the latest in ergonomics, technology, and hydraulics, enabling them to provide ample power and speeds that are suitable for all project types and site conditions.

Operator Cab

The Terex RT780’s enclosed operator cab is turntable -mounted for easy 360-degree maneuverability. It also comes with a fully independent hydraulic outrigger, an air conditioner, an advanced suspension, and a hydrostatic power steering.

Inside the cab, you’ll find an interactive capacity indicator, control lockouts, and three-mode steering that controls the machine’s travel, drum clutches, swing, and hydraulic hoist.

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