Crane Parts in Al Jowf, Saudi Arabia

Craneco Parts & Supply is a global leader in getting crane parts to hard-to-reach locations like Al Jowf, Saudi Arabia.

Al Jowf Region is recognized as an agricultural center of Saudi Arabia. Located in northwestern Saudi Arabia, it offers a diverse landscape of lava fields, valleys, and deserts. It boasts a relatively temperate climate, although winter winds and summer heat can be extreme.

Al Jowf is also remarkable for its attention to construction projects that provide a year-round need for replacement crane parts and accessories as offered by Craneco Parts & Supply.

Continual Crane Work in Al Jowf 

Craneco can deliver replacement crane parts to Al Jowf, Saudi Arabia, fast.

Archeological artifacts date Al Jowf’s beginnings to the ancient Stone Age, but it is more active with construction now than ever before.

One of Al Jowf’s largest construction projects is the Dumat Al Jandal Wind Farm. When completed, the wind farm will include 99 wind turbines to produce 3.45GW of energy to begin, increasing to 7GW after five years of operation, then finally 16GW by 2030. 

The wind farm is being constructed to offset future fossil fuel usage and carbon emissions. Dumat Al Jandal Wind Farm is the first wind power project in Saudi Arabia and the largest in the Middle East.

Additional Al Jowf construction can be witnessed in the Al Jowf International Airport project. The large construction project will include parking bays for 14 aircraft and a terminal that can accommodate one million travelers per year. The project also includes various lounges and retail facilities. 

However, this isn’t the only construction that Al Jowf will be engaged with in the future.

Long-Term Infrastructure Projects in Al Jowf

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked on a program of infrastructure reform that promises to guarantee widespread construction in Al Jowf for the foreseeable future. Among the projects are: 

Housing Projects

The government has pledged to construct over 4,000 homes for Saudi families throughout the region, with 200 of them located in Al Jowf.

Road Projects

Al Jowf is seeing both refurbishments of old roads and the construction of new ones. Secondary roads, additional lanes, and new junctions are being constructed to make travel safer and more efficient throughout the Kingdom.

Water Projects

New underground water tanks are being added to the region, and water lines are being developed to link villages. Also, sanitation issues are being addressed with a $21 million sewer project in Al Jowf.

The Parts Supplier You Can Count On

The level of construction in Al Jowf is impressive, but working in extremes of heat or cold in a desert landscape can take its toll on construction equipment. That’s why Craneco Parts & Supply makes it their duty to deliver your crane replacement parts quickly without fail.

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