Crane Parts in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia 

Craneco Parts & Supply has the parts you need for whatever type of construction project you are working on.

The holy city of Medina is the capital of Al Madinah and receives a lot of attention as home to The Prophet’s Mosque. The Prophet’s Mosque is an early mosque built by the prophet Muhammad after building the Great Mosque located in Mecca.

Medina is also home to Knowledge Economic City, an emerging smart city initially proposed in 2005, and the Haramain High-Speed Rail, a bullet train that travels from Mecca to Medina at approximately 186 miles per hour.

Never content to remain locked in the past, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia demonstrates the importance of moving into the future through their construction projects.

High-Speed Rail and a New City

Whether building a city or constructing a railway project, Craneco Parts & Supply has the replacement parts you need.

There is a big difference between building an entire smart city from scratch, like Knowledge Economic City, and erecting a 280-mile long high-speed rail system complete with stations, parking, and mosques.

The one thing the projects have in common is the use of cranes and the need for crane replacement parts when something malfunctions, wears out, or just needs a replacement through routine maintenance.

The Haramain High-Speed Rail project took nine years to complete and cost approximately $16 billion. The train shortens the trip from Mecca to Medina from several hours to just two and can transport 60 million passengers annually.

Knowledge Economic City has recently signed a deal to build a 300-unit hotel at the Al-Haramain Madinah train station as part of the Madinah Gate project. Madinah Gate will also include bus stations, markets, and restaurants.

Recent Projects in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

It seems that nothing can stop the construction in Al Madinah, as the government aims to improve life for its residents while attracting visitors from abroad. Here are a few other proposed or completed projects: 

The Prophet’s Mosque

Near the Mosque in Medina, there are contracts for up to 80,000 hotel rooms, along with new pedestrian passageways and public transportation stations. The area will also see the construction of cultural, commercial, and residential projects, including prayer areas.

King Salman International Centre for Conferences

This convention center of almost 1 million sq. ft. includes a theater with 2,500 air-conditioned seats, a collection of rare manuscripts, parking for 2,100 cars, exhibition halls, a media center, an economic and media center, and so much more.

Dar Al-Jewar 

As part of the Knowledge Economic City project, the Dar Al-Jewar gated community will eventually accommodate 428 villas and 900 new homes when it is complete. The project has built seventy-two villas so far and each completed phase will include playgrounds, swimming pools, mosques, and green areas.

Parts for Every Type of Crane

There is additional construction occurring in Al Madinah as well. Since there is, there will be a need for the diversity of replacement crane parts Craneco has to offer. 

Craneco carries parts for: 

  • Railway cranes: track-bound, locomotive, goods yard 


  • Tower cranes: hammerhead, luffing jib, self-erecting 
  • Gantry cranes: double girder, ship-to-shore, industrial gantry


Craneco Parts & Supply knows what is required of cranes and the strain they are under to perform at their best. Craneco Parts & Supply has the widest selection of OE parts and accessories for delivery. 

When you need crane parts in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia, contact Craneco Parts & Supply.