Crane Parts in Libya

Libya has been ravaged by political instability for most of the 21st century, but it has a deep history dating back to 8000 BC. Its economy is mostly dependent on oil and natural gas exports, which it trades with countries like China, Turkey, and South Korea. The country’s coastal region also acts as a busy port between Africa and Europe, most notably the EU nation of Italy.

The U.N. is taking a city-based approach to rebuilding war-torn areas of the country and giving Libyan citizens a political and economic structure that can fuel a divided economy. Decentralized governance means each territory within Libya has local laws and law enforcement, like the U.S. But without a centralized federal government in place, it makes reconstruction efforts difficult.

Construction Market in Libya

Libya funded several large construction projects through the 2010s, including a $2.8 million contract with Russian Railways for a high-speed railway between Sirte and Benghazi, while China Railway Construction and Brazilian firm Odebrecht built out two other sections. This fueled a thriving construction industry in Libya, spearheaded by the October 2019 Libya Build construction exhibition in Tripoli. The event is expected to draw exhibits and attendance from over 200 local Libyan companies, along with representatives of the Turkish, Chinese, and Russian contractors working in the region. 

The rapid completion of widespread development is fueling economic growth in a region that would be struggling otherwise. Humanitarian efforts in Libya go far beyond handouts – the nation must be rebuilt with a strong foundation.

Popular Brands of Crane Parts in Libya

Craneco’s team knows how to navigate the complexities of shipping industrial parts to construction sites in each localized territory within Libya and in the surrounding nations like Egypt. We provide parts and support for a wide variety of crane brands, including:

We understand the unique logistics of working in Libya can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to get replacement parts in the field if communications are down or violence breaks out. That’s why we service the following major Libyan cities:

  • Tripoli
  • Benghazi
  • Misratah
  • Tarhuna
  • Al Khums
  • Az Zawiyah

Bringing Modern Technology to Traditional Construction

Craneco Parts & Supply has been shipping internationally and delivering crane parts to Libya since 2003. Our professional crane repair specialists use the latest technology to get the right part to any region of your country to reduce job site downtime and ensure optimal machine operation at any point in your construction.

You can’t afford to lose productivity while waiting for spare parts –  contact Craneco Parts & Supply to learn how to get crane replacement parts for the lowest prices in Libya.