Crane Parts in Newfoundland, Canada

Craneco Parts and Supply is the most comprehensive crane part dealer in Newfoundland.

As an island on the furthermost east coast of Canada, Newfoundland is not the easiest place for construction, excavation, or other industrial work. It is equally difficult to purchase replacement crane parts in Newfoundland.

Craneco Parts and Supply has parts for every type of crane. We deliver them quickly and affordably everywhere in Newfoundland.

Crane Parts at Your Fingertips in Newfoundland 

Getting replacement crane parts in Newfoundland has never been easier.

The subarctic climate of Newfoundland presents unique challenges for construction and extraction projects. Winter weather is hard on equipment and makes it difficult to maintain peak efficiency. Demanding conditions like unpredictable rain and snow create obstacles when companies aren’t prepared. 

Harsh weather conditions delay work, so it is critical to get crane parts swiftly. Craneco makes it simple for businesses to order crane parts in emergencies. Since 2003, Craneco has practiced getting the right parts to construction sites in record time. 

Don’t Let Broken Parts Slow Work Down

Seasonal blizzards prove it is essential to have efficient equipment in emergency conditions. Newfoundland is also known for having the highest wind speeds in the country. These factors must be taken into account when planning subarctic construction. 

Here are other elements that affect subarctic work.


Snow and rain have enormous effects on a crane’s performance. Since Newfoundland is an island, freight and cargo often arrive by water. Heavy floating cranes lift them directly from barges. Replacement crane parts must be available at a moment’s notice.


Ground conditions can cause unexpected crane failure and interrupt projects. Tundra, thawed soil, and underground rock formations test a crane’s durability. Equipment needs to be dependable on any terrain, and replacement crane parts must be as well. 


Equipment will have a longer lifespan in moderate climates than in frozen. Since Newfoundland has some of the harshest weather conditions in North America, it should be reassuring that crane parts are only one phone call or mouse click away.


It costs more transporting materials to an island than transporting them overland. Flying or sailing them in adds unexpected expenses. That’s why Craneco keeps crane parts affordable.

Biggest Variety of Crane Parts and Brands

Since 2003, Craneco has been the most authoritative dealer of OE replacement crane parts. We carry everything from brakes, transmissions, and filters, to torque converters, bearings, and gears. Our brands range from American Hoist and Galion to Genie Manlift and Koehring.

Craneco has the largest supply of new and replacement crane parts in Newfoundland, Canada. Some of our varieties include:

  • Manufacturers: Craneco is an authorized dealer for Koehring, Lorain, and P&H crane parts. We also stock a full inventory of Manitowoc, Grove, and numerous other renowned crane part manufacturers.
  • Brands: We have the largest selection of crane parts for the biggest variety of crane brands. We carry new and replacement crane parts for American Hoist, Lorain, Galion, and all other major crane producers.
  • Types: Each project requires different crane types, and we have parts for all of them. Whether you need parts for aerial work platforms, telescopic truck cranes, or lattice boom crawler cranes, Craneco Parts and Supply has it covered.

There is no more reliable crane parts dealer in Newfoundland than Craneco. 

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