Crane Parts in Quebec, Canada

There is no faster supplier of replacement crane parts in Quebec, Canada than Craneco Parts and Supply.

The construction industry in Quebec is a $40 billion a year business. Whether that construction is related to buildings, bridges, or tunnels, contractors need to know that if equipment breaks, they can order replacement parts online and receive them quickly.

Craneco Parts and Supply is an industry leader in OE and replacement crane parts and accessories. You can phone, fax, or email your order and we will send it to you immediately. You can also upload your list and get a custom quote before you finalize your order.

We will do whatever it takes to promptly get you the right parts at a good price. 

Diverse Construction Projects in Quebec

Whether a mine or a skyscraper is being built, Craneco Parts and Supply is ready with replacement parts so there isn’t any waiting.

Quebec has recently greenlit many construction projects which will provide work for many years. Such projects as the 4-tower, 65-story Le Phare de Québec mixed-use complex, the Hopes Advance Iron Mine, and the Quebec-Lévis tunnel are only a few scheduled for the province.

Each of these projects will help the province economically as well as environmentally. They will also employ thousands of people and promote the infrastructure of Quebec.

Construction Projects in Quebec That Will Require Cranes

There are many construction projects underway in Quebec right now, and there are more planned for the future. Among the projects planned are:

Le Phare de Québec 

Le Phare de Québec will use its vertical stature to include approximately 500 apartments, office space, restaurants, and a performing arts center. It will also include an underground transportation hub of buses and trams able to accommodate up to 10,000 commuters a day.

Quebec-Lévis tunnel 

The Quebec-Lévis tunnel is being built to alleviate the heavy automobile and truck traffic between Quebec City and Lévis. It will be approximately nine kilometers and will run under the St. Lawrence River.

Hopes Advance Iron Mine 

This project at the northern tip of Quebec forecasts mining capabilities of 5 to 10 million tonnes of iron ore per year once in production. The mine will also include a water treatment facility and various port facilities.

Innavik Hydroelectric Project

This hydroelectric power plant will also include a bridge to be built across the Inukjuak River. This project aims to replace fossil fuel use in the region with hydroelectricity and reduce the use of greenhouse gasses.

Good Service Is Our Aim

Along with these diverse construction projects, various projects in Montreal, such as its Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM), and its projected Blue Line subway extension, demonstrate how there will always be a need for crane parts in Quebec, Canada.

Craneco Parts and Supply can get parts to you when you need them most. We pride ourselves in:

  • Satisfaction: Craneco will have what you need when you need it.
  • Trust:  With over 20 years in the industry, many of our clients have relied on our services for years.  
  • Knowledge: Our friendly staff can help you with crane parts no matter which industry you are in, from shipbuilding to petrochemical.

Craneco Parts and Supply can ship anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. We supply parts to every region in Canada, and now it is possible to get crane parts in Quebec, Canada too. 

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