Crane Parts in Uganda

Uganda is a country with rich natural resources, although allegations of political corruption and occasional outbreaks of violence can occur in this landlocked central African nation. Aside from rich agriculture, the company has oil reserves, precious metal deposits, and a growing industrial section. Ugandan exports include coffee, fish, corn, cement, tobacco, tea, sugar, cocoa beans, beans, sesame, and flowers. The country has steadily grown economically through the 2010s.

As the economy grows, contractors from around the world are heading to Uganda to work on some of its planned commercial and residential developments. With opportunity comes risk, as much of the work needed in Uganda includes building the roads and border security stations needed to keep things civil.

Uganda’s Construction Market Outlook

Both the commercial and residential construction industries are booming in Uganda, spurred by a shortage of approximately 8 million homes and government allocation of 32% to road and energy infrastructure. In addition, border posts, a Ministry of Works HQ, and several factories are planned to provide the country with an industrial foundation. 

However, lack of machinery and ports makes it difficult to import necessary equipment into Uganda. Still, local Ugandan surveyors, civil engineers, architects, construction crews, and other skilled labor are working with foreign contractors to rapidly complete building within the nation’s borders and provide a brighter future for Ugandan youth.

Find Crane Parts in Uganda

Craneco’s team has experience in the complexities of importing and transporting industrial parts to construction sites in the landlocked nation of Uganda. We provide parts and support for a wide variety of crane brands in the area, including:

We’re dedicated to providing Uganda with the same world-class service Craneco’s customers around the world know, and we service the following cities:

  • Kampala
  • Nansana
  • Kira Town
  • Mbarara
  • Mukono Town
  • Gulu
  • Masaka
  • Kasese

No matter where you are in Uganda, we can help get your cranes back in working order.

Bringing Modern Technology to Traditional Construction

Craneco Parts & Supply has been shipping internationally and delivering crane parts to Uganda since 2003. Our crane repair specialists use the latest technology to get the right part to any region around the world to reduce downtime in the field and ensure you can complete your construction as fast as possible. This is vital in a nation with high poverty rates that needed this reconstruction completed yesterday.

You can’t afford to wait for spare crane parts  –  contact Craneco Parts & Supply to learn how to get the lowest prices and fastest shipments of crane parts in Uganda.