Replacement Crane Parts in Fairbanks, AK

Still boasting the motto, “Alaska’s Golden Heart,” Fairbanks, Alaska maintains a rich heritage even today. Human settlers have lived in Fairbanks since the ice age, but various events have increased city development and spurred further growth even into modern times.

Alaska’s Golden Heart

When a settler discovered gold near his trading post in 1903, the promising future of this golden city became a reality. The resulting flood of prospectors, coined the Fairbanks Gold Ruch, spiked area residency and the area settlement. Gold was plentiful, but miners were unable to reach it. Thick forests, rivers, and rough terrain prevented the miners from obtaining necessary mining equipment, but that changed in the early 1900s.

Fairbanks Strikes Gold

The construction of the Alaska Railroad enabled the shipment of heavy-duty mining machinery. This new equipment allowed the construction of gold drudges to manage large amounts of low-grade mineral deposits for gold ore. Additional avenues of transportation have decreased the difficulty of shipping equipment such as air transport and shipping channels

Now, gold-mining companies could use heavy machinery. When this development occurred, the infrastructure of the Fort Knox gold mine was established. Alaska’s Golden Apple began to become more polished as low-grade ore became accessible for mining. To date, more than $200 million worth of gold has been mined from Fort Knox, and the harvest continues.

Wear and Tear

Construction and mining companies that use heavy machinery require maintenance and care to keep up with the wear and tear of building and mining needs. To address this issue and keep Alaska’s Golden Heart thriving, Craneco offers expert-level experience in providing replacement crane parts in Fairbanks, AK for cranes in Fairbank’s gold-mining processes as well as for any other industry. Several of the brands that Craneco supplies crane parts for include:

  • American Hoist
  • Galion
  • Genie Manlift
  • Grove
  • Koehring
  • Lorain
  • Manitowoc
  • P&H
  • Terex

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